The Atlantis Enigma

Giants in the Landscape

Past Life or Imagination?

Can Ghosts Be Scientifically Verified?

Mokele-Mbembe - Africa's living dinosaur?

The Great British UFO Show Review

Did Aliens Visit Our Ancestors?

British Ley-Land

EXCLUSIVE!! Interview with Gary Heseltine, editor and publisher of

EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Russel Callaghan, former editor of UFO Magazine and co-founder of

 The Policeman and the Aliens

Prince of Darkness?

God and the Bible

Haunted Nation

Our Night of Terror

Conspiracies - Alien Evidence Review

Apollo 11: The Untold Story

The Alien: Friend or Foe?

Why Is Earth So Special?

Was I Abducted By Aliens?

The 10,000BC Enigma

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

UFO Files - China's Roswell

Are There Alien Ruins In The Solar System?

The Real 4400 Review

UFOs: It Has Begun - A Review

UFO Files & The World’s Strangest UFO Stories Part 1

UFO Files - UFOs and the White House

UFO Files - Deep Sea UFOs

UFOs: The Secret Evidence Review

Want to Sell Something? Use an Alien!

Interview With An Alien - Review

UFO Files - Britain's Roswell

UFO Files - Real UFOs

An Airman's Encounter

UFO Files - Mexico's Roswell

Off The Page - Are We Alone?

UFO Files - Russian Roswell

Weird Travels - UFOs & Alien Encounters

UFOs and Weird Beasts

UFOs & Ghostly Phenomena

UFO Files - Texas' Roswell

Conspiracies - A Brief Overview

UFO Files - Brazil's Roswell

Alien Contact - Has It Already Happened?

It’s Not Just UFOs That Intrigue Us!

Mystery of the Crop Patterns

The Pleiadian Hoax

UFO Files: Black Box UFO Secrets

Missing Time: A Personal Account

2056 - Aliens Are Among Us!

Trimingham Radar Fault: The MoD Stance

The Thousand Oaks Incident

Panspermia Proven?

UFO Files: Pacific Bermuda Triangle

The Great British UFO Show 2

UFO Seen by Multiple Witnesses in Chicago

Book Reviews April '07

 Two USAF Fighters Encounter UFO

Pioneer Astronauts and UFOs

Guernsey Pilot Spots UFO

Roswell 60 Conference 2007 Review

Man-Made UFOs: WWII's Secret Legacy

The Quantum Conundrum

Who Was There First?

Black Triangles

Falling To Earth

Fire from the Sky

 The Apollo 20 Controversy

National Press Club Conference: Pilots Speak Out About UFOs

Texas Sightings Spark Worldwide Interest

Apollo 20: The Controversy Continues

South Wales Police Encounter a UFO

STS-48 - 15 Years On

UFO DATA Magazine Conference 2008 Review

The 1st Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo 2009 Review
Planet X

Britain's Closest Encounters

 Probe International Conference 2008

A Knight Journey review

Alien Abduction in Panama

The Path To Disaster

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