A never-heard-before encounter from Central America.

A mother blessed with a new baby daughter soon realises that something about her child is special – very special.

The following account is based upon an interview with the mother and daughter conducted in Mexico on December 11th, 1999 in the presence of Graham Birdsall, Russel Callaghan, Roger Leir and Whitley & Anne Streiber. The names of those featured in this recollection are pseudonyms.

Salma is a teacher of anthropology and had no interest in the subject of UFOs. Indeed, when a friend of hers told her that she saw a UFO in 1976, Salma thought she was crazy, so when what you are about to read happened to her, she became angry and confused. Her husband at the time, a doctor and lawyer from a wealthy South American family, refuses to talk about the incident to this day. Salma’s own family is very wealthy also, so she has no interest in any monetary gain from her story.

One day, in the summer of 1977, Salma and her husband, whom we shall call Enrique, were travelling from Costa Rica to Panama in Central America. The couple left San Jose, Costa Rica and were driving to Salma’s uncle’s home in Panama. They had a camper van and were taking in the sights of the region along their journey.

One night, at about 9 or 10pm, they parked up at the border crossing between Costa Rica and Panama and began settling in for the evening. It was a dark, moonless night with no cloud cover. Nevertheless, it was very warm and there was no wind to temper the heat. Inside the camper, it was much more oppressive, as there were only, small, high windows and a single door. Salma had been warned about guerrillas in the region and so chose the camper, feeling its lack of large openings would make them safer.

As Enrique parked the van, Salma went to get him an orange juice. She asked him where they were and he replied jokingly, “We’re in the Land of Nobody”, as they were in the hinterland between the border control offices of Costa Rica and Panama.

When he had parked the camper, Salma’s husband exited the cab and entered the rear section where Salma was holding his orange juice. Suddenly, he began making bizarre noises with his mouth. As there was a history of stroke in his family, Salma feared that this was what was happening to him now. She became very frightened, as they were alone in this no-man’s land between nations.

Salma asked if there was anything she could do for him, but he quietly sat down and continued to make the strange, baby-like noises. She asked if he wanted his orange juice, but he just carried on burbling.

Just then the lights in the camper flickered off and then came back on again. Thinking the battery was failing, she went to the switch for the spare, fully-charged battery. When she flicked the switch, the lights went out completely. Salma asked Enrique what was happening, but he did not reply.

Looking outside, towards the Costa Rican side of the border, she saw that the lights in the offices had also gone out. She turned to try and find some candles and noticed on the opposite side of the border, that the lights in Panama were also extinguished. At first she thought that this was due to a failure of the power grid, but how would this affect the batteries in their camper?

The night was completely still and dark now. Salma was terrified, she felt so alone at that point. She thought her husband was seriously ill and was not sure about what to do. Her husband was mentally a strong man, she said. At parties, his favourite trick was to hypnotise people and have them doing ‘cuckoo things’ for fun. But now, he was just sitting, babbling softly, in the dark. 

In this uneasy quiet, Salma heard something outside, like a car pulling up on gravel. Suddenly, incredibly bright light flooded the camper van. She thought that somebody had come to their aid, turning on the floodlights in the parking area.

Salma looked outside and saw what she thought at first were military tanks with bright lights on them. As there was no war going on in either Panama or Costa Rica, she did not know what to make of the presence of these machines. Whatever their reason for being there, she was grateful for the light they provided.

Salma opened the kitchen window and peered out. She could hear somebody outside making the same noises that she had heard Enrique uttering moments earlier. Suddenly a figure passed in front of the window. Salma could not make out any features, but assumed they were soldiers connected with the tanks. She realised that they must be very tall, as her window was quite a distance from the ground, about two metres high.

Salma went into the cab of the van and saw about a dozen of these figures milling around outside. She also noticed that the lights on the three ‘tanks’ were rotating. She became frightened and pleaded to Enrique, telling him that they were surrounded by these strange, thin figures. She could see now that they were wearing what appeared to be silvery-yellow suits, had large heads and large eyes that reminded her of cows’ eyes. She could see no nose or mouth on any of the figures. She got no impression of any emotion from the beings and described them as being like machines. Bizarrely, the figures she could see outside now appeared quite short, yet she had seen at least one of them looking through her window about six feet off the ground.

Becoming even more afraid, Salma began shouting for help and that is the last thing she remembers. She does not know what happened next, but suddenly, she found herself lying on the floor of the camper. As she got up, she heard a loud, watery, sucking sound and the lights shot away vertically at an incredible speed. She then became aware of a strong smell of cinnamon and burnt honey, so strong that it was very unpleasant. Her nose was running profusely and she had a pain in the back of her head. She got up and began to cry, grateful that the beings and their craft had gone.

Enrique was still sitting in the same position, but had by now stopped making his peculiar noises. She asked him what had happened, noticing at the same time that all the doors of the camper were now open, having been previously locked tight from the inside. As she got to her feet, Salma felt a   pain in her abdomen and described it as being ‘like a hot knife’. Again, she asked Enrique what had happened. He said:

“Something very important has happened here tonight and we will never talk about it. We’ll just accept it.”

Salma could not believe what she was hearing him say. She asked him if he had seen what they had done, how their craft had flown away so quickly. She had recently learned to fly helicopters and knew all about aerodynamics and what was possible at that time. He simply repeated that they should not talk about it. He told her that she should be proud about what had happened. Salma was not proud of what had happened. She was angry. She wanted to know what had happened. Was she going to be alone with these feelings or was he going to help her? Enrique said nothing, simply took his orange juice and went to bed.

Salma curled up on her seat and began to cry. She cried until she fell asleep.

Early the next morning, she awoke. Surprisingly, she found that she had left the doors to the camper open all night and she was usually the kind of person that could not sleep with any doors or windows open. She closed the doors and took a shower. She said she felt dirty and still angry. She felt that she had been violated, although she had no physical evidence of abuse of any kind, save for the ache in her head and the pains in her abdomen. Her husband told her not to think of such things.

Later that morning, the couple went to the offices on the Panamanian border. Imagine their surprise when one of the personnel announced to them:

“You’re the couple that was attacked by the OVNIs last night!” (OVNI being the Spanish term for UFO - Objeto Volador No Identificado)

Salma was so relieved that somebody else had seen what had happened to them. Her joy was squashed when her husband told them that they had not seen anything and ordered her back to the camper. Not being the type of person who takes orders, Salma remained and asked the three people in the border control office what they had seen. They confirmed that UFOs had come down and attacked them. The offices were only about a hundred metres from the camper, so they had seen everything. Enrique had to physically take her back to their vehicle and again told her that they should not talk about what had happened the previous night.

When they entered Panama proper, they found that the newspapers were reporting that the night of their experience had been ‘a hot night’ for UFO sightings in Panama. Salma’s uncle told them about a story in the newspaper about a couple on the border being attacked by UFOs. Salma couldn’t believe it.

“That was us!” she declared.

“We saw nothing,” was Enrique’s response.

Salma still had the pain in her abdomen two months later and was keen to see a doctor, but Enrique was adamant that they should wait until they return home to Mexico. She said that she would go herself and fly back to their home. Her husband said that they would go together and by road.

So, they began the return journey to Mexico, by way of Enrique’s aunt’s house in Costa Rica. While they were there, the pains in Salma’s belly became unbearable and she asked her if she would take her to her gynaecologist.

The doctor examined Salma and congratulated her on being pregnant. Salma was horrified and explained that she had had no sexual relations to account for the pregnancy. An internal examination was arranged and the gynaecologist extracted from Salma’s body a clear, crystal capsule with some sort of green fluid inside. The doctor sniffed the capsule and said that it was not there because of any infection.

Salma became upset and said that it must be connected with that night on the border. Enrique said that it was a mistake for them to see a doctor. She told the doctor that she felt that the beings had placed that inside her body, but did not understand for what purpose. The doctor asked if she wanted to keep it, but she told him to throw it away.

When the doctor confirmed that she was still pregnant, Salma was terrified that she would give birth to some non-human creature like a snake or lizard.

As soon as the capsule was removed, all of Salma’s pain vanished, but she was very upset and told the doctor that she had been violated, that she never asked for these ‘people’ to come and make her pregnant. She had been raised a devout Catholic and could not understand why those around her could tell her to simply accept this. She felt so alone and confused. Her family was famous in Mexico, so she could not go to a library and ask for a book about alien abductions because she was afraid that everybody would think she had gone crazy.

The day after her examination, Salma began to feel another pain in her abdomen and she could feel whatever she was carrying begin to move. Then she began to bleed and, with some relief, she felt that her menstrual cycle was beginning. She was happy because it would prove that she was not pregnant and that the doctor had been wrong in his diagnosis.

On returning to Mexico City, Salma visited her own gynaecologist and he confirmed that she was still pregnant. She could not believe this and became very upset and anxious. Her doctor conducted tests of her blood and urine and confirmed yet again that she was expecting a baby.

Salma returned home, but her bleeding became more pronounced, so she was rushed back to hospital and told that they would have to abort the baby. When told this, she suddenly became aware that she might actually have been carrying a human baby and not some alien monster. Had her fears about what she was carrying blinded her to the truth that she was going to be the mother of a human life? Did she have the right to terminate that innocent life? She convinced the doctors that she should spend the night in hospital before any surgery should take place. She told them that she would ‘talk with her baby’ and if she felt that it was still necessary to abort the foetus the next day, then they could do so.

That night, she talked to her unborn child and said that if it was going to be a ‘person of love and light’ then she would accept it, but if it was going to be something non-human, then she would proceed with the surgery.

The next day, her bleeding stopped. The doctor said that her pregnancy would be a risky one, but there was a chance that she would give birth to a healthy child. 

During her pregnancy, Salma had a mental contact with tall, long-haired beings that soothed her fears about her baby. Despite these visits, she gained hardly any weight and felt nauseous all the time, even though she had been told by her physicians that the nausea should abate after three months.

Five months into the pregnancy, Salma was given the bad news by her doctor that the baby had moved into position and that she had dilated six centimetres. If the baby was born now, they feared it would not survive. Calmly, Salma told her baby to move and to her doctor’s astonishment, the baby moved back up into her womb and out of danger.

When she was exactly eight months pregnant, on March 1st 1978, the baby became distressed and a caesarean section had to be conducted the same day. A beautiful baby girl was born. She was named after her mother, Salma.

After the birth, Salma, the mother, became very ill with a high fever and an infection on her caesarean scar. She had to remain in hospital for a further six weeks and no medication appeared to work. Eventually, a visiting Chinese doctor suggested that they use honey on the infection and it cleared up within two days.

Almost as soon as baby Salma was born, it became clear that she was very special. Within 48 hours, she could turn her head and smile at stimuli such as the use of her name. Other doctors were brought in to witness this amazing child and Salma realised with dismay that her life was going to become a circus.

As she grew, baby Salma displayed more signs that she was special. She never cried (indeed, her mother claimed that she had to be taught how to cry and only did so for the first time when she was six years old!), she ate only once every six hours and at the very young age of five months, she created shadows with her hands for her own pleasure.

At nine months old, she began to stand up and within two months she was walking unaided, with no crawling stage in between. At eight months, she was climbing stairs very quickly.

Her mother became afraid that she would never speak, as she had not uttered a sound for eleven months. Then suddenly, out of the blue, the baby said:

“Mama, give me one potato.”

Her mother was amazed and asked her to say it again, so she did, this time mimicking a licking action with her hand. Salma realised that her daughter wanted a popsicle and not a potato, but that she should say a complete sentence while she had not uttered a single sound for eleven months was astonishing. In one day, baby Salma uttered one hundred and twelve phrases!

When she was two years old, Salma told her mother that she wanted to go to a school with older children because the kids she was with now were ‘so stupid’. These were normal toddlers that still wore nappies and drank from bottles and did not speak, while Salma was toilet trained, drank from a glass and could hold a conversation. It did not matter what school she was sent to, even with older children, she was always at a more advanced stage than her classmates. Eventually, her mother decided that she should tutor her daughter herself.

At four years old, young Salma taught herself how to read.

When she was five, Salma told her mother that she had a ball that she talked with. Her mother thought that she had found an imaginary playmate, but little Salma told her that it was not a ‘secret friend’, it was just a ball that she talked to. She said that the ball told her that there was a planet where people were suffering and had many problems. Her mother thought she was referring to our world, but Salma insisted that it was another planet that she was told about.

One day, when she was eight-years old, little Salma was in her playroom with her little sister and their childcare assistant and some friends called up to the room from outside, asking if she was playing out. Unknown to both her mother and the carer, the window in the room was broken. The carer opened the window and the hinges came away and the whole window fell out towards the children gathered below. Suddenly, Salma made a high-pitched tone with her voice and the window glided four metres above the children and came to rest, unbroken, on a wall behind them.

As this happened, Salma’s mother came into the room, after hearing the screaming as the window broke loose and saw what had transpired. If the window had fallen straight down, as it should have, those children below would have been killed. Little Salma simply said that she did what she had to do because her friends would have been hurt.

It also became apparent from an early age that little Salma possessed some kind of telepathic ability. She knew what people were thinking before they spoke and she could tell expectant mothers what sex child they were going to have. Her mother felt it was necessary to explain to her that it was not always the right thing to do to display these abilities to others. She did not want her daughter to become the butt of ridicule or even anger from superstitious people.

Young Salma also had the power to heal serious injuries. Her mother was in a serious car accident, damaging several vertebrae in her neck. She was told that she was paralysed and would never walk again. One day, her daughter sat her in a chair and placed her hands just above her mother’s head. She told her mother to close her eyes and, suddenly, the vertebrae repaired themselves. Immediately, she felt warmth flowing through her body and almost immediately could move her hands and walk again.

A friend of the family who was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and given two months to live was treated by young Salma and although he still has the cancer, he is living a normal life many years later.

When Salma was twelve years old, she told her mother that she was receiving a great deal of information from a source that she could not understand. She asked her mother, “Who am I?” Her mother told her for the first time about the night on the border when the strange beings had surrounded the camper.

From that day, the family were visited by small, silver spheres. They flew into and around the house, passing through closed windows without breaking them and being witnessed by many visiting friends. These were the same kind of balls that Salma had spoken with since being a toddler, only now they appeared en masse in front of others.

All of her life, little Salma has suffered broken bones and all sorts of ailments and fevers. For eleven years, she was treated for rheumatic fever, but no medication seemed to work and she regularly ran extremely high temperatures. She was told by a doctor who claimed to have been in contact with UFOs that she had no rheumatic fever and that the symptoms were caused because she was not adapted to life on Earth. He told her to stop taking all of her medicines and go away for a while and tell her body to adapt itself to the Earth. Although sceptical, she did this and seven days later returned to the hospital where blood tests showed that all of her symptoms had vanished.

One day, she fell off a swing, banged her head and was knocked unconscious. She also damaged her patella. She was rushed to hospital where it was discovered that her kneecap had been broken into four pieces. Surgery was required to repair the damage. Young Salma told her mother that ‘her people’ would help her, so she was taken home.

The next day, Salma told her mother that her people had come and that she had to travel back to the hospital for another X-Ray. This was done and it was found that her kneecap was in perfect condition. The doctors declared that what had happened was impossible! They accused the family of somehow tricking them.

When she was fourteen, young Salma had an operation for a hiatus hernia. The doctor that performed the surgery said that he removed what appeared to be a foetus within the hernia. Not only that, but three arteries or veins were connected to the ‘foetus’. The surgeon could not explain it.

When she was sixteen, Salma began having problems with her appendix. She told her mother that she would need to go to hospital for surgery, as her people have no appendix, thus could not help her. Her mother, thinking this was some sort of joke by her daughter, told her that she would take her to the hospital the following Sunday.

On the Friday night, Salma was visited by her daughter’s ‘people’. They explained to her that young Salma required the surgery, but that no pentathol should be used as an anaesthetic because it was poisonous to them.

During the interview, young Salma’s mother explained that she had received visits from a man since she was a little girl, but had always thought that they were dreams of some kind. Since the birth of her daughter, she realised that these were real, physical interactions. When ‘they’ need to speak with her about her daughter, she hears music, usually while asleep, and when she awakens, the man is there. He appears human, with long, shoulder length hair, and wears black clothes that appear toga or cassock-like.

She went on to describe an event that occurred some five months before the encounter on the border in which she had a dream that her mother was being burgled. She and her husband rushed over to her mother’s house, only to find everything normal and her mother angry at being awoken in the middle of the night. They returned home to find their servants sitting outside saying that ‘the Devil had visited the house’. Salma’s bedroom stank of cinnamon and three, deep scratches were found in the bedroom door, as though made by strong claws. On showing this to her mother the next day, she demanded that a priest come and bless the house. Salma took her into the kitchen to prepare some hot milk. She turned on the stove and a huge flame erupted, sending the two ladies staggering back. In that instant, the entire metal top of the stove melted and was now pooled on the kitchen floor.

Salma went on to explain how she had always been able to feel things about people, whether they were going to have accidents, if they were going to have a child etc., but after the birth of her daughter, the feelings far from growing weaker, became more intense.

At this point of the interview, young Salma gave her account of her life. In 1999, she was twenty-one years of age, an elegant and graceful young woman with short, black hair and a lovely, soft smile.

She told how that she had her first physical contact with what she called ‘her people’ at the age of fourteen. Before that, all communications with them were mental. She would receive a great deal of information, which she would struggle to write down, such as complex mathematical data. It came to her almost all the time and she would tell her mother that she would wish it to stop, as she was getting no rest.

She also recounted about her contacts with the small, silver sphere that would visit, materialising out of thin air, and tell her things about future events. She always felt tired after it left and suffered from terrible headaches.

Her first physical encounter was with a vaguely human-looking man. She said he had no ears and his mouth was lipless. He had large eyes and three protuberances running front to back on the top of his head. He wore a suit that fit very close to his body, almost like skin.

She was sleeping and felt him touch her forehead. She awoke and felt a sense of great relief because she had been waiting for this first physical interaction for a very long time. A bright light flooded into the room through the window and Salma began to feel sick. She felt tingling in her extremities and suddenly, she was inside the ship.

She was told that he would answer her questions and, for her, the most important one was ‘Who am I?’

It was explained to her that they came from a planet that had suffered some form of catastrophe, possibly nuclear in nature, in the distant past and that the majority of their population had become sterile. She was a part of a project in which human women were taken, impregnated and then returned. When the baby was six months old or so, they would take it away from the mother. The ship that was to take baby Salma away, and the rest of her generation that was part of the project, crashed and they lost them. The children that were lost were assigned to a new project, but not all of them have been found.

The beings have the ability to manipulate time, or at least our perception of time, and Salma was taken back to the night she was conceived. She was told to be very quiet, as they were actually there.

She asked other questions, but was not given answers to all of them. She also asked during another encounter if she could take something back with her to show people that what she was experiencing was real, but she was told that she was not ready.

At first she felt used by these beings and it made her very angry. They contacted her when it suited them, she felt. No thought was given to her needs or requirements. She had been raised in a caring environment by parents who loved her dearly, but these beings appeared to view her as nothing more than a specimen and showed her no respect whatsoever. She told them this, but they simply reasserted the notion that she was not ready for certain facts. This only made her angrier.

After this, her experiences took a darker turn. She was treated with even less respect by the beings and shown no compassion by them. In about 1996, they implanted something inside her head that caused her great pain. It moved around under the skin behind her ear and a doctor even suggested that it be removed surgically. It was also discovered at about this time that Salma was missing collagen from her body. This explained why she had suffered so many broken bones and it was feared that she may never be able to bear children as a result. It was also found that young Salma had two extra vertebrae and had false articulation in her joints (they moved and rotated in a way that was not normal).

Salma had three beings that were in regular contact with her. One was an instructor, who was responsible for explaining things to her. He was the shortest of the three, being about Salma’s height. The others were much taller, she said. He was also the one that had the task of trying to calm her down when she became angry or frustrated when they refused to answer her questions. He told her that she was very lucky because she had a certain degree of free will. She can decide what to do with her life, whereas their lives are totally planned out from birth. Salma described the beings as being very emotionally cold outwardly, but she felt that they still had feelings underneath. They were doing a job and had to remain objective.

They had a bizarre way of gaining permission to do something to a subject. They would ask something like, ‘Are you Salma?’ and she would reply, ‘Yes.’ This simple confirmation appeared to translate to them as an agreement for them to do whatever they liked to that subject. Salma would berate them and suggest that they just tell her what they want from her and she might agree, but they never did.

Not all of the beings are ‘good guys’, it would appear. Salma makes it clear that she doesn’t think that any of them are necessarily good or evil, but some of them act in a way that might be construed as bad.

Salma’s little sister (she is only a year and a half younger and has had a completely normal life, with a normal development, compared to Salma’s) becomes very scared when the beings visit their house. One night, the two girls were sleeping in the same room and Salma realised that a visit was imminent. She became very cold and saw what appeared to be a gas in the room, accompanied by a very white light. The air became very heavy. She sat up in bed and turned to see her sister lying asleep in the bed next to hers. To her right, she saw a very tall, animal-like figure. It was completely covered with hair, except for the head, but had a long tail that resembled an alligator’s. It had long, thin arms that terminated with four fingers bearing long nails. Its face had a long, dog-like snout and large teeth. She was terrified, but more so when she saw that its eyes were the same as the eyes of her people. Salma worried that her sister might wake up, see this monster and begin screaming. If that happened, what would this hulking beast do then?

Salma just sat there, staring at this bizarre creature, its dark, soulless eyes glaring back at her. It began to walk towards her and for a reason that she cannot explain, she held out her hands and told the beast that she loved it. The monster bit her and she remembers nothing else.

The next morning, she awoke with three bite marks on her neck, and one on her chin and one on her arm. The triangular marks faded after a few days.

The next night she had a visit from her people and she asked them about the beastly encounter. They told her that she had done the right thing. She became irate with them, saying that the creature had bitten her. What if she had become sick or even died? She was told to grow up and, again, she had done the right thing.

Another frightening experience occurred in 1996. She had a meeting with the being she described as her teacher and he told her that she was ready for her ‘first important step’. She was excited by this, feeling that she would learn something new. She was told to be one of them and not to think as a human. She told him that she was a human, but that she would do her best as herself.

Salma was taken into a room by her companion, where a blonde-haired American girl was lying on one of the tables where the beings conducted their operations. Around the girl were entities like the ones that her mother had seen that night in 1977. Salma explained that these beings are not alive as we think about it. They are devoid of free will and are completely controlled by the others. Standing behind the girl was a tall being, whom Salma believed was in charge of the situation at hand. He nodded to Salma and her escort and they stepped closer to the table. The teacher then stepped back.

Salma could see that the girl was petrified, yet she could not move. When she saw Salma, she began asking questions about what was happening and Salma took her hand and tried her best to calm her fears and promised that nothing was going to happen to her. The girl calmed down and a light touched her head, at which time she fell asleep.

The being at the table produced a pen-like device that emitted a light. He drew it across the girl’s leg, completely severing it! Salma freaked out. She felt that she had been used to calm this girl’s fears before this hideous operation. She felt incredibly guilty at what she had done. She had promised that everything was going to be okay and now they had cut off her leg! She screamed at the being, wanting to know why they had cut off this girl’s leg. Then the girl woke up, saw her amputated limb and began screaming also. The being rotated the device drew it back across the leg and it became connected once more. He sent the girl back to sleep and Salma began to cry.

Salma felt very stupid, realising that this had been some kind of test and she had failed. She had not shown trust in her people. When she was taken away by her teacher, she felt sad, disappointed, but also angry that she had been expected to show trust in them, yet they never displayed any trust in her.

Later she was told that the girl had been operated on by her people to remove a tumour and that her life had been saved.

When asked by Dr Roger Leir to describe the interior of the ship that she is taken to, Salma described it as being cold, yet the floor, which feels like marble, is warm. Although she feels cold personally, everything she touches is warm, except for the tables she has to lie down upon. She described the tables as feeling like a magnet. The gravity feels different and the air is heavier. A constant mist hangs in the atmosphere, making vision beyond a certain distance difficult, yet she felt that the rooms she had been inside were quite large. When she could discern the edges of a room, she described them as having no corners, all the walls curved into the floor and ceiling.

When asked if she would recognise another person like her, another one of the ‘lost’ children, Salma felt that she would identify them immediately. She can sense a person’s inner self without them even uttering a word.

The main reason that Salma agreed to the interview was so she could find others like her. It became clear to her that the beings were surprised by how well the ‘lost’ children had evolved to living on Earth. She said that she was very much like the beings in many ways, but she was also very human. It was difficult to live in both worlds. She had to develop a ‘third logic’ – a logic of humans, a logic of her people and the third logic was one that enabled her to bridge that gap between the two. She said that if she had not developed this way of life, she would have gone crazy. She finally accepted that if they wanted her for something, they were going to come. If they wanted to implant something, they would just do it. She had no choice, she just had to accept it. Eventually, she stopped asking them questions, content in her belief that anything she wanted to know, she would be told when the time was right. Despite of all the things that they do to her and that she is often angry with them, Salma said that she loves her people.

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