A Knight Journey

by Samantha Carr


New Vision Media LLP

Paperback - 292 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9549222-6-9

RRP: £12.99


Have you had dreams that seem particularly pertinent to your life? Of course you have. We all have. Most of our dreams, though, manifest as odd vignettes, with strange events, people or places mixing together to make us wake up and think, “That was a weird dream!”

Samantha Carr’s dreams have shaped her life. She records her dreams with pen and paper and finds that they very often help her to come to terms with events that happen on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes her dreams seem to be premonitions of things that have not yet occurred.

A Knight Journey is the first of Samantha’s books to explore the world of dreams and the importance of our night-time adventures. She takes us on a very personal journey through her life, explaining how dreams, her growing mediumistic skills and spirituality have affected her over the years.

She has learned how to interpret her dreams and explains how we can do the same, using symbology, history, current affairs and a ton of literary references.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Knight Journey and really felt as though I was there with Samantha as she led us through key points in her life and the changes they brought.

This short review really does not do the book justice and I heartily recommend that everybody read it. Your dreams will never seem the same again.

The book can be purchased from Amazon or bought via Samantha's website at http://www.knightjourney.co.uk/

 Steve Johnson

June 2009


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Updated 16th August, 2012