Animated GIFs


Here are a selection of some of my favourite movie moments, saved as animated GIFs.

They are quite large images (in terms of file size), so please be patient.

Simply hover your mouse cursor over each image to see the movie clip or click to see the clip on its own.



                 Battlestar Galactica                                            Darkness Falls                 


       Deep Impact                                                    Final Destination  


Ghostbusters                                           Gladiator     


                Independence Day                                         Mars Attacks!        


                   Predator                                            Star Wars        


The Empire Strikes Back                             Return of the Jedi        


The Phantom Menace                          Attack of the Clones


       Revenge of the Sith                             King Kong (1933)   


                  Mission To Mars          Close Encounters of the Third Kind


 Star Trek: The Motion Picture         Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


Star Trek III: The Search for Spock    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


        Star Trek V: The Final Frontier    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


 Star Trek: Generations                         Star Trek: First Contact


Star Trek: Insurrection                           Star Trek: Nemesis


              Babylon 5: In The Beginning       Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


The Day After Tomorrow                              Flash Gordon          


      The Frighteners                             Quatermass and the Pit



Back To The Future                                          Predator 2     


   Alien                                                      Aliens    


              Alien 3                                               Alien Resurrection       


     Alien Vs. Predator                          A Nightmare On Elm Street


The Forgotten                                              Cloverfield


Star Trek (2009)                                   Moontrap


more will follow...


All images are the copyrighted material of the various studios of Hollywood and are only reproduced here as an homage to great movie moments!

Last Updated 28th July  2011