Mercury Rapids is the story of Bill Lewis. An astronomer by profession, he has made a career of debunking UFO sightings... until he encounters a UFO himself.


As he struggles with his own beliefs, he finds himself becoming embroiled in a war between the alien Greys and the secretive Orion Committee; Britain's version of Majestic Twelve. Now he must fight not only for his own life, but for the lives of those around him.

Mercury Rapids is a chilling, fast-paced sci-fi conspiracy thriller that will leave you asking yourself.... Are we really alone?


Mercury Rapids: The Thoth Imperative picks up where Mercury Rapids left off. The Greys are returning to Earth, but with a sinister new agenda. Determined to make amends to The One for their tinkering with mankind, they have decided that Earth should be wiped clean of all life. To facilitate this radical solution, the Greys have enlisted the services of a race of aggressive, mercenary aliens known only as the Others.

Bill Lewis returns to aid the top-secret Orion Committee, his stubborn, sarcastic demeanour causing headaches once again for Sir Donald Quentin-Smythe, head of the British UFO organization. Together with his ex-wife, Anne, he must once again struggle against the raging currents of uncertainty and rely upon his wits to save the world… again.

Mercury Rapids: The Thoth Imperative gives us more of the high-octane action and wry humour that made Mercury Rapids such a joy to read.


The countdown has begun and Earth is in jeopardy once more!

Bill Lewis is once again flung into events beyond his control when he learns that the evil, reptilian aliens known as the Others have begun construction of a devastating weapon on the Moon.

Can the combined forces of Earth's secret UFO agencies defeat them as they did once before? What part will Bill Lewis play in this terrifying 'war of the worlds'? And why do the enigmatic Greys continue to probe his mind?

Mercury Rapids: The Mountains of Tomorrow explosively concludes the trilogy that began with Mercury Rapids and continued with Mercury Rapids: The Thoth Imperative.


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Simon Murphy's unique style brings war-torn Europe to life in this, his debut novel.

The Valentine Rose is a gripping tale of secret documents, Nazi cruelty and heroic bravery that is often harrowing in its graphic depiction of a fictional World War Two conspiracy. It is easy to envisage the protagonist, Colonel Christoff Stern, running from evil Gestapo and SS agents, Simon's descriptions are so well drawn. His use of well-researched material enables the reader to believe the plot without having to make imaginary leaps of faith.

From beginning to end, we are pulled along with Stern as he sinks deeper into the conspiracy and it is easy to feel a great deal of compassion for this man, who only wishes to do what is best for his people.

All in all, The Valentine Rose is a highly enjoyable read that will make you think about what might have happened all those years ago had history taken a different turn.

The Murders of Mutchrose Village is an old-fashioned murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat right to the very end.

Simon Murphy's second novel departs from the usual crime thriller by bringing in the weird world of the supernatural, local superstitions and good old spine-tingling horror.

Who is committing the grisly murders in this sleepy hamlet? Read it and enjoy!