Thursday January 8th 2004

After performing our ablutions, we headed down for breakfast at the Serapis Restaurant in the hotel. We tried the freshly-squeezed orange juice (which didn't sit well in my stomach) and a cup of coffee. Eddie munched on some fruit, while I scoffed a bread roll and a cheese pastry.

Then we ambled along to the lobby and waited for the bus to take us to the Nile Commodore cruiseboat, where our holiday company were holding their What's On Welcome meeting for all the new arrivals.

Suddenly I felt very queasy and Eddie thought that I looked as though I were about to pass out! I survived, though.

We booked a trip by train up to Giza to see the pyramids etc. and caught the coach back to the hotel, where I locked myself in the bathroom and started writing this diary! Back at the Nile Commodore, Eddie had almost agreed to hire a small boat for a trip to Crocodile Island, but decided against it, seeing the condition I was in.

While I was ensconced in the loo, Eddie went a-wandering to pay for the Giza excursion. He also paid a visit to our new friends, Jules and Emma at the Le Meridien.

When he returned, I was feeling better and we decided to have a leisurely day in the hotel. We went down to Jeb's Bar, near the pool, and enjoyed a steak sandwich and chips, washed down with a cool Heineken. Then we got some money changed into the local stuff and went back to the room for a lig.

After a rest, we ordered a burger and fries each to be sent to our room. It was 8pm by this time. The meal was great, but I had problems making Room Service understand that I wanted the trolley collecting from our room when we had finished. All ended well, though. As you may be able to tell, hotel life is something of a new thing for me!

At about 9:30pm, we trotted down to the Noble's Bar and had a few drinks with Emma and Jules again. Another late night!

Don't worry, we'll get to see some stuff soon...   In the meantime, here's the view from our balcony:

View from our room at the Sonesta St. George, Luxor

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